Friday, 15 June 2018

Making a Walking Stick

Louise and I went for a little walk around Hinton Ampner, and whilst on our travels we saw a little stick on the floor. We took it to Devon, through the New Forest and all the way up to Jedburgh. It only seemed right to look after it, spruce it up (see what I did there) and make it look good.
Louise when we found the stick
In Devon, I removed the moss, the twigs and began smoothing it down by filing and sanding it down. Some of the harder or bigger knots I had to cut out with a whittling knife but nothing is better than whittle wood in the sun.
Whittled, Filed and Sanded Down
Next I gave it a little varnish with a clear satin wood varnish. Though apparently, this chappy says I should have used an oil with a wool cloth for spreading.


Three coats later and we now have a walking stick. I wrapped some string around the top to make it a bit nicer to walk with and now here we have it.

A bit sad, but it looks nice and I'm proud of it.

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