Monday, 6 March 2017

Launch Configuration - IBM Bluemix

A few days ago, I was playing with Bluemix and building an application. But, I accidentally deployed my application to the wrong Bluemix Space. Silly, I know. I didn't really realise why this had happened. So, here's why...

In IBM Bluemix you can have a number of organisations, each with multiple spaces. To deploy applications in these spaces, each project has a .launch file that is used by Bluemix to determine the launch configuration.

This file can be found in the launchConfigurations folder as seen below:
A .launch file is assigned for each project
In this file there is a description of the service type, the name of the application as well as target information for where to deploy. This file can be seen here:
A typical .launch file
It is important to make sure that the target location is set to the Url, Org and Space that you want to deploy to. It also means you can deploy the same application in lots of different spaces.

You can also make additional changes to the application in the manifest.yml which can be put into the "Path" entity in the configuration file. The manifest lets you define memory usage, application name (which will need to be changed *i think* if you wish to deploy the same application in multiple places), domain name and disk quota.

The final piece to mention is the "Instrumentation" entity which is where you store the Connected Service configuration information in the .launch file.

So, there's why. You need to check your configuration and understand what you're doing.

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